„Drzewicz” SC dryers

„Drzewicz” SC are mobile recirculating batch dryers which continuously circulate the grain (cereals, corn, canola (rape seed) and others) during drying. They are dependable machines that have been in use for many years with Polish and foreign farmers. Their design allows for easy transport.

“Drzewicz” SC dryers have very low electric power requirements – 11 kW to 22 kW, depending on the model. All SC dryers can be powered by tractor’s PTO (standard equipment).

SC dryers’ gas burners are equipped with vaporizers which allow for trouble-free operation in low temperatures and use of liquid form of propane-butane. Gas tanks can be leased from gas suppliers for 1 PLN. The use of propane-butane lowers drying costs compared to heating oil. The price of propane-butane for heating purposes is lower than the price of the same gas used in cars by the amount of tax (50 Polish grosz/liter). Another advantage of propane is the cleanliness of the fumes which is particularly important when drying grain without heat exchangers.

All models are equipped with a screen cleaner, central lubrication, electric motor or PTO power (used interchangeably) and a folding receiving hopper with a length of 2,75 m.

Models SC-245, SC-345 and SC-545 are equipped with axial fans, models SC-600 and SC-800 have quiet centrifugal fans. All dryers can be equipped with a dust collection system.
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