„Drzewicz” M-850 dryers

„Drzewicz” M-850 grain dryers designed for processing cereals, corn, canola (rape seed) and other types of grains destined for consumption or feed.

„Drzewicz” M-850 dryers are continuous flow machines (there are no stops for filling, emptying or cooling of the grain). These dryers are characterized by very low fuel consumption and uniform moisture content of the dried grain.

An important distinguishing characteristic of the M-850 dryers is the counterflow of the grain and hot drying air. The grain flowing from the top down meets the hot air forced up from the perforated floor. This allows for fuel savings and distribution of heat beneficial to the quality of the grain – grain is dried with warmer and warmer air as it gets to the collecting augers.

The grain collecting system used in the M-850 dryers ensures even flow of grain layers through the dryer and the cooler and allows for adjusting the drying time to the moisture content of the grain. The drying process is controlled by a system of sensors and a MOELLER-brand controller. An important feature of the M-850 dryers is the capability to equalize the moisture content of the grain between drying and cooling. Usually these two processes occur one right after another. Hot grain from the dryer spends between 3 and 5 hours (in case of corn) in the top part of the cooler. During this time the moisture equalizes between the drier, outer and wetter, inner layers of the kernels. This process allows to reduce the moisture content from as high as 18% to 14% with the ambient air in the cooler and greatly reduces drying costs.
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